Rebel Redefined's First Post! June 24 2013

After months and months of seeing this vision come true, I could not be more excited to finally launch the Rebel Redefined website! I am beyond ecstatic to launch this company and sell products that I have put months of work into perfecting. I am hoping everyone loves the shirts and accessories as much as I do. Fashion has been, and will always be, my one true love and I cannot wait to hear feedback from you and what you think of the website and all the products! Please follow our accounts on Twitter and Instagram at @Rebel_Redefined!

I would like to thank Spencer Kohn, my photographer, for his beautiful photos and making my concept come alive. Moira Tumas and Bryn Terrell, thank you for being the ideal Rebel girls and modeling so gorgeously.Thank you Laura Kaululaau, for the most perfect hair and makeup, the girls could not have looked more beautiful. Could not have done this launch without this amazing team. And lastly, my parents and sister for their support and love through this journey. Cheers!